DBZ – Goku’s Orange Shirt Guide

Goku’s orange gi (training uniform) is one of the most iconic anime outfits of all time. What do the symbols mean and where can you buy them? Read the guide to find out.

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What Do the Symbols on Goku’s Gi Mean?

Goku has worn different symbols to honor his different masters.

Goku’s Different Gi Symbols: Kame, King Kai, Go, and Whis

Kame Kanji Symbol T-shirt

The Kame symbol is a kanji that looks like a Z. It comes from Master Roshi’s Turtle School of martial arts. Goku received this gi after training with Master Roshi for his first World Martial Arts Tournament.

It’s pretty hard to find the shirt with the Kame kanji on the front AND back. Here is a link to the orange shirt that Goku wore in the original Dragon Ball up until the Saiyan saga in Z.

There’s also a version that comes with Goku’s signature blue under shirt.

King Kai’s Symbol Tank Top

King Kai’s symbol is actual two kanji, 界王, put together for the word kaio. Goku first wears this after training with King Kai.

Before heading back to earth to confront the Saiyans, King Kai makes a special gi for Goku that has the kaio symbol on the back and kame symbol on the front.

Here is a link to the tank top of Goku’s orange kaio gi. It’s a really popular option in the summer or if you want to wear it to the gym and go super Saiyan.

The kaio symbol gi also comes in a plain t-shirt version.

Go Symbol T-shirt

Goku’s go symbol is part of his name. It signifies him becoming a master in his own right.

He first wears this on his gi after completing gravity training while on the way to planet Namek to defeat Frieza.

This is probably my favorite symbol that Goku wears. It just looks dope.

Represent our saiyan boy and click this link to check out the Go symbol gi tee.

Whis’ Symbol T-shirt

In Dragon Ball Super Goku and Vegeta both train with Whis. During a training session, Whis outmatched the two Saiyans so much that he had enough time to sign his autograph on their training outfits.

Check out the Dragon Ball Super Whis Gi Tee. Be spotted in public by other fans or wear to a cosplay convention.

Goku’s Training Outfit – Kids & Adults

The full Goku Training Outfit comes with his gi pants, blue undershirt, belt, and wristbands too.

Buying the full outfit makes it super easy if you need a last-minute costume.

Any of these gi shirts is a must-have for Goku fans. Wear them to the gym or for cosplay. Don’t forget to also check out our guide on the best Capsule Corp Apparel.