Playmobil Naruto Guide

In 2022 Playmobil unveiled its first anime license: Naruto Shippuden.

The Naruto x Playmobil collaboration celebrates the 20th anniversary of the series. Playmobil released the first wave of figures in January 2023 and already has plans to release another wave and some sets.

List of Naruto Playmobil Sets

Wave 1

The first wave includes 12 minifigures from Konoha and the Akatsuki and was released in January 2023. Each of the figs comes with accessories like weapons or chakra effect pieces.

NameSet #

Wave 2

The release date for wave two minifigures is scheduled to be the end of May 2023. There are another 12 characters in the wave including more shinobi and even a six paths sage mode Naruto.

NameSet #
Senin (Sage) Mode Naruto71100
Playmobil Senin Mode Naruto Figure
Playmobil Gaara Figure
Playmobil Madara Figure
Playmobil Shikamaru Figure
Pain (Deva)71108
Playmobil Pain Figure
Playmobil Minato Figure
Playmobil Hinata Figure
Might Guy71111
Playmobil Might Guy Figure
Playmobil Suigetsu Figure
Killer Bee71116
Playmobil Killer Bee Figure
Rock Lee71118
Playmobil Rock Lee Figure
Playmobil Asuma Figure

Building Kits

A few upcoming playsets were on display at the UK Toyfair. The first set Sasukes vs Itachi features the battle between the two Uchiha brothers with Itachi and his giant Susanoo.

The second set Play mobile revealed was the Naruto vs Pain battle. This set features the most iconic entrance in all of anime with Sage Mode Naruto on top of Gamakichi ready to fight Pain.

The last set is the fan favorite Ichiraku Ramen Shop. Fans have unsuccessfully been trying to get Lego to make an official set, but Playmobil made it happen. This one looks like it comes with a Teuchi (ramen guy) fig.

NameSet #
Sasuke vs Itachi70666
Playmobil Sasuke vs Itachi
Naruto vs Pain70667
Ichiraku Ramen Shop70668

Wave 1 Figure Review

These figures have awesome printing with a lot of attention to detail. They feel premium in hand and you can tell they’re made with high quality materials.

Kakashi and Sasuke have nice accessories, but I wish Naruto came with a rasengan.

Playmobil Naruto Shippuden Wave 1 Review

Naruto Playmobil vs Lego

Is playmobil compatible with lego? Not it’s not. Playmobil is its own system that doesn’t not fit with lego. Each set is custom and clicks together.

These naruto figs will fit with other sets from the Naruto theme.

Is Naruto Playmobil Official?

Yes. These are officially licensed figures and sets.

How Tall are the Playmobil Figures?

These figures come in just under 3 inches (7.9 cm) making them about 1/24 scale.