Panini Naruto Shippuden Hokage Trading Card Collection

Panini Naruto cards are back with the release of the Hokage Trading Card Collection. This is the first release Naruto Shippuden cards for Panini who released the Naruto Ninja Ranks and Way of the Ninja cards back in 2006.

This guide will give you everything you need to know about the trading cards.

What are the card rarities?

There are 150 base cards, 25 foil embossed cards, and 25 refractor foil cards, and 8 limited edition cards.

Some of the cards can also come in orange, green, or gold parallel. These cards have a different outline compared to the base cards with black outlines. The pull rates are:

  • Orange 1:6
  • Green 1:18
  • Gold: 1:36
Limited Edition Kakashi Card

What’s in Each Pack?

Each booster pack comes with 8 cards. In my experience, it seems like each pack comes with 1 foil and one embossed cards and a chance at a parallel.

All of the art is awesome. You have iconic character cards, but there’s also a lot of nostalgic highlights with multiple characters. Some of the panoramic cards, that make a picture when put together, look so dope.

Orange Parallel Tobi & Green Parallel Sage Mode Naruto

Where Can I Get Naruto Panini Cards?

The product list below will break down all of the Hokage Collection Products. They’re in specific packaging. Make sure you don’t accidentally get one of the Panini sticker sets that look similar to the cards.

These come in many different products on the different Amazon markets. I like using Amazon France because shipping is pretty inexpensive and quick for me.

Hokage Trading Collection Product List

Starter Pack

The starter pack comes with a binder with the checklist and 3 booster packs.

Hanger Box

This comes with 4 packs and a limited edition card.


The tins are awesome. They come with 8 booster packs and 3 limited edition cards.

Booster Box

The booster box comes with 18 packs which means your odds of getting a parallel should be good.

Unboxing the booster box, starter pack, and hanger

Are Panini Naruto officially licensed?

Yes. The Panini Naruto Hokage is officially licensed by PANINI SPA under the Panini Group. They are the same company that produces trading cards for professional sport leagues like the NBA, NFL, and Premier League.

Are These Cards English?

Heck yes. While the outside packaging is localized to their markets (French, Italian, German, Spanish) the cards inside are all in english.