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About Dr. Stone

Imagine a world where one day, every single person on the planet suddenly turns into stone statues. That’s the bizarre premise of this anime. It’s not just a stone-cold story – it’s about the incredible journey of a genius high schooler, Senku Ishigami who after breaking free from his rocky prison, vows to bring civilization back from the literal Stone Age.

Senku is armed with the power of science and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. His goal? To revive humanity and rebuild society, one experiment at a time. He’s not alone in this adventure. He’s joined by his best friend, Taiju Oki, and the brilliant but reserved Yuzuriha Ogawa. Together, they’re like the three musketeers of the scientific revolution, out to conquer a world turned to stone.

But it’s not just about reclaiming civilization; it’s also a wild rollercoaster of inventions, discoveries, and a dash of humor. Get ready for some mind-bending science experiments, unexpected alliances, and a storyline that evolves faster than Senku can calculate the speed of light.