DBZ Gift Guide 2022

This is the ultimate DBZ fan Gift Guide.

Got a Dragon Ball Z fan on your birthday, Christmas or Hanukkah shopping list? Are you having trouble finding the right thing? Maybe you’re just looking to get something cool for yourself.

Pick a price point and we will suggest the best gifts for any Dragon Ball fan, making shopping easier for you.

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Top Picks: The Best Dragon Ball Z Gifts


SH. Figuarts makes a really popular line featuring highly-detailed posable figures. Most figures come with interchangeable parts and accessories for display.

For example, SSGSS Gogeta comes with his different hair, faces, and hands.

Seriously no collection is complete without a few SH Figuarts. They look so damn good on any shelf.

If you’re considering the Figuarts, make sure you check out our full Guide to DBZ Figures.

DBZ: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an upcoming action RPG video game for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The game was developed by the same studio that worked on the Naruto Ninja Storm games, so they know what they’re doing. Read our info guide on the game here.

DBZ Complete Manga Boxset

The DBZ Vol 1-26 Box Set is the ultimate manga collection for fans who weren’t able to get the older sets.

It comes with reprints of all 26 volumes, and it even comes with a poster and trivia book with interviews from Akira Toriyama.

The set comes in a nice box that also looks good on a shelf. If you want to kick it up a level, you can also get the original Dragon Ball Vol 1-16 Box Set.

Best DBZ Gifts Under $60


One of the most anticipated Shonen Jump games, Jump Force is a fighting game for the PS4 & Xbox One

Make sure you also check out the collector’s edition to also receive an exclusive diorama, steel box and artboards.


Everybody needs a big set of Dragon Balls. Insert inappropriate joke here.

These ones are made out of acrylic and they are 3″ (76mm) in diameter. When the light hits them they look like you’re about to summon Shenron. These balls ain’t inert.

Protip: combine the Dragon Balls with this Banpresto Shenron figure to make an epic display piece.


This polished stainless steel replica sword is 43 inches long and comes with a vinyl sheath. It’s just like the one in the anime.

You can hang it up for display, use it for cosplay, or slice Frieza in half. Either way, it’s a badass piece to add to your collection.

Best DBZ Gifts Under $30


No movie collection is complete without a copy of Dragon Ball Super: Broly – The Movie. The Blu-ray comes in English and Japanese with subtitles.

Already have it? Why not get some of Dragon Ball Z seasons on Blu-ray too?


Vegeta what does the scouter say about his power level? It’s over 9000! What 9000!?

The scouter is one of the most iconic gadgets from the beginning of DBZ. It’s instantly recognizable and looks amazing for cosplay. When you press the button the scouter lights up and tells you your opponent’s power level in Vegeta or Frieza’s voice.


These heat reactive mugs make awesome gifts for fans who like hot drinks. Just add hot coffee or water and watch Vegeta go Super Saiyan. Let’s be honest, coffee makes us happy.

The Goku kaioken mug is a must-have for any Goku fan. Instead of transforming into a Super Saiyan he uses the Kaioken. It won’t take him five episodes either.


Xenoverse 2 is the sequel to Dragon Ball Xenoverse, an epic fighting game. The roster has over 60 DBZ characters to choose from, including Goku Black.

It’s one of two anticipated DBZ games that came out last year, so get hype.


Made from high-quality acrylic, these shift knobs are light and let your passengers know you’re a fan. When the sunlight hits them they look like they’re glowing. These balls ain’t inert.

You can choose to go with 1-7 stars, but we already know you’ll get the 4-star ball.


World Collectable Figure is a line of prize figures by Banpresto. The 2.8” figures are released in themed volumes. For example, recently there was a Frieza volume feature King Cold, Cooler, and Golden Frieza.

You can collect your favorite sets or pick up individual figures. LMAO you can even get the Dragon Ball Super Vegeta set that includes Takoyaki Vegeta.



Chances are you’ve seen DBZ Funk Pops before. These are the perfect gift for any funko collector. There’s just something cool about collecting Pops from different series.

These Saiyan Saga pops are a definite must-have.

How was this list of the best Dragon Ball gifts for fans? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section.