S.H. Figuarts Jiraiya Review

What up weebs? Today, we are unboxing the event exclusive SH Figuarts Jiraiya figure – a character that holds a special place in my heart. As one of my favorite characters from the Naruto series, Jiraiya, the toad sage and mentor to Naruto and Minato, is forever etched in our hearts.

This action figure is made in China and housed in a deep olive green box. It’s tastefully designed with beautiful artwork that wraps around the packaging. The back provides cool sample poses as well.

You can pre-order this exclusive piece on P Bandai for $90.


The figure itself is beautifully designed with attention to detail – right from the deep olive green color of his attire to the stunning shading and sculpt of his hair. The shading and color of the clothes are on point. The figure also features a nicely sculpted silvery mesh and a scroll that’s pretty clean.

There’s just one minor paint issue – the paint near crossed-arms hands could have been neater. However, the overall look of the character is absolutely on point.

Another thing that’s annoying is that this fig needs a stand to ensure the figure remains upright as it’s pretty top-heavy and its sandals don’t help.

SHF Jiraiya Exclusive Edition Unboxing


This Jiraiya figure comes with a range of accessories that include a laughing open mouth face, a winking face, a teeth-gritting face, and a comedic face. It also includes arms with closed fists, gripping hands and palm open hands. The Rasengan and tattoo hand are an impressive, show-accurate addition.

The figure also comes with a Popsicle and a journal – personal effects that we associate with the pervy sage. Additionally, there’s a Rasengan effect part that adds to the nostalgia factor


The figure also boasts impressive articulation for an older 1.0 mold. The head, waist, arms, and legs have good movement range. The cloak, though, could hamper the leg movement to an extent.

Posing Jiraiya Figuarts

I was able to get him in a number of classic Jiraiya poses, but he looks best when posed with Naruto.

Overall this is a well-made action figure. It has its flaws but it’s what event exclusives should be: a reissue with updated paint and accessories.