Arceus VSTAR Premium Collection Amazon Exclusive Review

The Amazon-exclusive premium collection is part of the wave of retailer exclusives that dropped in late 2022. It features Arceus the Pokemon creator god.


Each of these premium collections comes with one exclusive oversized VSTAR card, one Arceus VSTAR, one Arceus V, one online TCG code card, a VSTAR marker, and 10 Pokemon booster packs.

The two regular-sized Arceus ultra rares are not exclusive promos. They’re actually from the Brilliant Stars set.

What Packs Come with Arceus VSTAR Premium Collection?

This box comes with the following 10 packs:

  • 2 Rebel Clash
  • 1 Vivid Voltage
  • 2 Astral Radiance
  • 3 Lost Origin
  • 2 Evolving Skies

In terms of pack selection this is decent. The two Evolving Skies packs are really nice, but I would’ve liked to see Brilliant Stars instead of Rebel Clash.


On the outside, the box came is pretty beat up. When I received it, it came in a bubble polybag.

If you’re keeping this for your sealed collection, I’d recommend using Amazon’s gift option. Maybe it’ll come with better packaging.

The hits weren’t crazy. 4 hits out of 10 packs is standard or a little better than average.

Closing Thoughts

If you can find this box on sale, I would say pick it up. These retailer exclusives were made for holiday sales.

The pack selection is decent, but what you really want are the Arceus cards which are still playable in the TCG and highly collectible. Overall it’s a fun box to rip open.