S.H. Figuarts Kid Sasuke Review

Bandai’s Tamashii Nations team has done it again with the new S.H. Figuarts young Sasuke figure. It’s officially titled Sasuke Uchiha – Ninja Prodigy of the Uchiha Bloodline, it’s a mouthful I know and will trigger Naruto Part I nostalgia.

We saw the release of the Part I Naruto line with the SHF Kid Naruto in May and Bandai followed up with his best friend and rival Sasuke.

We’ll dive into the details below.

Unboxing the SHF Kid Sasuke Uchiha


First of all this action figure stays true to the source material. The pain applications and aesthetics are mostly on point. The blue tinge in his hair is a nice touch, but the white looks also too grey. There was also some slight paint rub.

The elbow and need joints looked unpainted and the feet could’ve been painted better.

The Uchiha symbol was well done and the face sculpts are amazing.

He also has a rotating ninja tool pouch that is attached to his belt by a peg. There’s also a kunai holster.


Sasuke does come with lots of accessories out of the box. Right away you notice the fireball effect part, chidori, giant demon wind shuriken, and kunai. He also comes with four extra faces and 10 extra hands.

The Fire Style: Fireball jutsu is probably the coolest piece in here. Pair it with the blowing face and the jutsu hands and you can get some really cool poses.

SHF Sasuke Accesories

How to Use the Chidori Effect

The Chidori part is supposed to attach to Sasuke’s hand peg but it’s a little tricky and tends to fall off. I suggest getting the pose right and adding the chidori jutsu at the end.

If it still falls off you can use a piece of sticky tack or museum putty to keep it in place. It looks great with the sharingan face plate which has two tomoe each btw.


Like a lot of newer SHF figures the new Sasuke is highly posable. The articulation is pretty great, but there are a few issues.

The head tilt upwards is blocked by Sasuke’s hair/collar. The shorts kind of get in the way of leg mobilitye.

The butterfly and double ball joints allow for nice range of motion and work well with the hand seal jutsu hands, you just got to play around with them a bit.

I was able to get him into a lot of classic poses like the fireball jutsu, taunting “come at me” pose, and chidori.

Sasuke Action Figure Poses

Price Availability

With an MSRP of $64, you get a lot in the box.

The figure releases October 15, 2023 for North America, but you can already get it early in Japan where the release date was June 24 2023.