Japanese Pokemon 151 Review

Pokemon 151 is the latest Japanese set of the Scarlet & Violet era. The 2023 set is one of the most highly anticipated releases with its throwback to the Kanto region.

Pokemon 151 goes back to the OG Generation I of Pocket Monsters and celebrates the first 151 pokemon with all new art. There are new Illustration Rares (AR), and full art Super Illustration Rares (SAR) to chase when opening.

You even have the chance at pulling a god pack with 4 ARs and 2 SARs feature two full starter evolution lines (eg. Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, & Venasaur ex).

This set also sees the much-anticipated return of Kadabra who was away from the TCG for legal reasons.

When does Pokemon 151 Release in english? The US 151 release is slated for September 22, 2023.

Pokemon 151 Review Unboxing

Check out this unboxing video review to see what to expect when opening of these awesome 20-pack boxes.

Opening 151 Booster box

There was so much hype around this set. Collectors went crazy and bought out the Pokemon center in Japan. Amazon was sold out as well. There’s a lot of nostalgia associated with Gen I, and let me just say this set is worth the hype! It was an awesome unboxing experience and the art was phenomenal.

Pokemon 151 Pull Rates

What are the pull rates? You’re supposed to be guaranteed to pull 1 full art ex (SR). Each pack comes with a reverse holo or illustration art with one pack in the box having the master ball print. You should get also get about 3 illustration rares (AR).

Approximate pull rates:

  • 3 AR per box
  • 1-2 SR per box
  • SAR 1 in 6 boxes
  • UR 1 in 12 boxes
  • God pack ??
English Pokemon 151 UPC Pull Rates Comparison

Where to Buy Pokemon 151

The easiest and likely most budget-friendly place to get this set is Amazon japan. You have to request an invite but it’ll be the cheapest. If you missed on Amazon you should try eBay here.

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