Pokemon VSTAR Universe Review

Pokemon VSTAR Universe is the last Japanese set of the Sword and Shield era. The 2022 special pack set is one of the most highly anticipated releases in recent memory. After this is the Scarlet & Violet era with the revival of ex Pokemon.

What do you get in a VSTAR Universe booster box? Well you get 10 booster packs of 10 cards each. More info on what you can pull below.

The english counterpart, Crown Zenith, is set to release in 2023.

You can buy it from Amazon here or Amazon.co.jp here.


Pokemon VSTAR Universe Gold Ultra Rare Unboxing

Pull Rates

The VSTAR Universe set features a staggering 90 secret rares:

  • 37 Art Rares AR
  • 25 Special Art Rare SAR
  • 10 Special Art Rare Trainer SAR
  • 6 Full Art Trainer SR
  • 8 Secret Rare Energy SR
  • 4 Gold VSTAR Alternate Arts UR

You’re guaranteed to pull 1 radiant, 1 SR energy, and 2 other SR or higher per box. That doesn’t include all of art rares, V, VMAX, or VSTARs included in the box.

This is what I pulled in one high class pack box.

Booster box pulls

When is the VSTAR Universe Release Date?

VSTAR Universe was slated to release in Japan on December 2, 2022.


With so many hits in the Japanese special high class pack box, this is a MUST BUY for pokefans. It’s a fun set to open with a lot of great chase cards.


The new special set is kinda like the VMAX Climax and Shiny Star V sets, with a bunch of reprints and some really rare chase cards.

At first, I thought the Alt Art VSTARs were the big deal, but turns out they’re actually a brand new rarity called Art Rares and Special Art Rares.

Basically, Art Rares are full art cards that show off a beautiful scene with a Pokemon as the main focus. Unlike character rares, there’s no trainers needed.

Then there’s the Special Art Rares, which are like the Art Rares, but they can also have the V or VSTAR. And get this, there are even Special Art Trainer Supporters aka waifu cards and Gold SAR VSTARs in this set!

The Gold SARs, illustrated by the one and only Akira Egawa, combine to create a panoramic scene. They feature Origin Forme Palkia, Origin Forme Dialga, Giratina, and Arceus VSTAR.

Besides the Gold SARs there’s also the AR god pack. It’s a special pack that come with 9 ARs that also combine to create a scene. The 9 cards, illustrated by Kouki Saitou, include Riolu, Swablu, Duskull, Bidoof, Pikachu, Turtwig, Paras, Poochyena, and Mareep. These can only be pulled in the rare god pack.