Rock Lee FAQ

Rock Lee is a member of the Hidden Leaf Village and a skilled ninja who specializes in taijutsu, or hand-to-hand combat.

Is Rock Lee a Girl?

No, Rock Lee is a male character from the popular manga and anime series, Naruto.

While he may have some feminine features, such as long eyelashes, perfect brows and a youthful appearance, he is definitely a male character.

Are Rock Lee and Guy sensei related?

No they are not blood related. Might guy is not Rock Lee’s dad. He and Rock Lee share a strong teacher-student bond due to both of them using the same taijutsu specialization.

Guy witnessed Lee getting bullied and took him under his wing.

Can Rock Lee walk on water?

Despite not being able to perform ninjutsu, we see Rock Lee walk on water.

He has the ability to use and mold chakra and disperse it through his feet. We see him do this a few times in the Shippuden series.

Team Guy vs Kisame

Who is Rock Lee’s wife? Is Tenten Metal Lee’s mom?

In the Boruto series Rock Lee has a son named Metal Lee. It has not been confirmed who Metal’s mother is. We don’t know if it’s Tenten.