Kayou Marvel Hero Battle Card Guide

Marvel Hero Battle is a new collectible card game from Kayou that features all of your favorite super heroes. The art is amazing, but the different products can be confusing. This guide has all the info you need.

Kayou Marvel Hero Battle Card List

To see the full list of cards and which box to find them in check out the Marvel Hero Battle Card List.

Marvel Hero Battle English Database

What are the Marvel Hero Battle Rarities?

Here is the Kayou Marvel rarity tier list in order of least to most rare:

  • R
  • SR
  • SSR
  • HR
  • SGR
  • LR
  • UR
  • MR
  • CR

Promotional type rarities included in certain products:

  • PR
  • SP

Where do you Buy Marvel Hero Battle Booster Boxes & Packs?

The least expensive way to get Kayou Marvel booster boxes is to buy them on AliExpress. It usually takes 2-5 weeks which is a little slow but they’re coming from China.

If you can’t wait that long there’s always live streaming apps like Whatnot and marketplaces like eBay.

I’d also suggest looking at singles if you really want specific cards.

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What is the Best Kayou Marvel Box?

Legendary Booster Boxes

Legendary boxes are by far the best boxes to get because of the rarities and pull rates. Legendary aka “A” boxes give you a chance at pulling UR, MR, and CR rares. Each of these boxes come with 20 booster packs.

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Deluxe Booster Boxes

With deluxe aka “B” booster boxes, the highest rarity you can pull is the SGR except in series 2 where you can pull LRs. They’re not as good as legendary boxes, but they’re cheaper. Unlike legendary, the R rarity doesn’t come foiled out in the deluxe tier.

Each of these boxes come with 30 packs.

Essential Booster Box

Essential boxes aka “J” booster boxes come with 12 packs.

Are Marvel Kayou Cards Legit?

These cards are manufactured by Kayou and are officially licensed by Disney/Marvel in Mainland China.