Izuku Midoriya Mall T-Shirt

What Does Izuku Midoriya’s Shirt Say in English?

In the series My Hero Academia, the main character Izuku wears a white tee with Japanese kanji on it while at the mall. What is the meaning?

Deku’s shirt says “Tシャツ” or Tishatsu. When translated into English, it literally means “T-shirt”. This shirt translation is just the author, Horikoshi’s, funny sense of humor.

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Where to Buy Midoriya’s Mall Shirt

This is the exact same as the v-neck shirt Deku wore in the mall scene in the anime. Wear it and complete your cosplay or as an inside joke with other fans.

If you want to buy it, here is the link for Deku’s (Izuku Midoriya’s) White Tshirt from Boku no Hero Academia. It also comes in a crew collar if you prefer.