Izuku Midoriya Mall T-Shirt

What Does Izuku Midoriya’s Shirt Say in English? In the series My Hero Academia, the main character Izuku wears a white tee with Japanese kanji on it while at the mall. What is the meaning? Deku’s shirt says “Tシャツ” or Tishatsu. When translated into English, it literally means “T-shirt”. This shirt translation is just the … Read moreIzuku Midoriya Mall T-Shirt

Red Ribbon Android 17 Cosplay T-Shirt

What is the Red Ribbon Army? The Red Ribbon Army was a criminal organization in the original Dragon Ball. Sometime after they were defeated by Goku, Dr. Gero took over as leader. He developed the Androids, evil cyborgs with unlimited energy. The Androids, including 17, wear the Red Ribbon logo. Android 17s Red Ribbon Tee … Read moreRed Ribbon Android 17 Cosplay T-Shirt