Supreme Senpai Hoodie & Shirt

Looking for the cleanest Supreme-style box logo design apparel? Look no further because the Notice Me Senpai hoodies and tees are here.

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Senpai Supreme Logo Hoodie

This premium cotton hooded pullover is crisp. It’s perfect for anyone who loves anime and streetwear.

Look dope as your rep both anime culture and style.

Supreme Senpai T-shirt

The font and box logo on this tee is perfect, just like the hoodie.

Seriously it’s straight 🔥🔥🔥and comes in white or black.

What does “Senpai” Mean?

In Japanese, a senpai, also known as sempai, is someone who is older or more experienced than you. It’s an honorific used in a culture where respect is important.

The simplest example is in school where you call upperclassmen senpai.


Notice me senpai is a trope in anime and manga.

In anime, there are characters who try to get the attention of their upperclassmen or mentors. It happened so often that it became a meme that many fans identified with.

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